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Sound is so very critical to the creative process of making digital media. It plays a role in audio productions, but also an important but often unnoticed part of making videos and films as well. Watch the following short documentary on the art of foley, that is the art of creating sound effects.

Watch: The Magic of Making Sound.

Try it: 

There are numerous ways to make digital audio recordings, but by far the simplest is to find a mobile app for your phone to do the job. My favorite mobile app that I use for audio-only recording is Voice Record Pro but unfortunately, it only works reliably on Apple iOS devices. The Android version is buggy, according to the reviews and should be avoided. Perhaps you could try EZ Voice Recorder or another recommended app.

Using a digital recording application, record several (5-7) sound effects from nature or sounds from your environment that are artificially created by you.

Combine these files into one recording using an audio editor such as Audacity or Adobe Audition. Publish your sound effects work online on Soundcloud. (Create a free account if you do not have one.) Write a blog post on your WordPress website about the audio editing experience. Embed your Soundcloud recording in your post using the embed code for the recording. Share your work on Twitter.

Complete 3 Daily Creates: Complete and correctly tag at least three daily creates this week. Make sure you also include these in your weekly summary.

Assignment Bank – 10 Stars of Audio Assignments: Complete 10 additional Stars of Assignments from the Audio Assignments category. In your work, complete one of these two assignments: The sound effects story (4 stars) or The contest that nobody could win (3 stars) as part of your 10 stars this week. For the sound effects assignment, it can be a lot of fun creating your own sound effects, but you may also use to find free sound effects for this project.

Please be sure to create a separate blog post for each of the Assignment Bank assignments you complete. Make sure all your completed assignments are uploaded to SoundCloud, and write up a post for each assignment in which you embed that audio from SoundCloud. You need to tag each assignment separately and correctly, so it refers back to the assignment page as a past example.

Radio Show / Podcast Ideas: Soon, we will be creating a radio show to air on the internet radio station. Ideally, this program will incorporate in some way, our theme of Surviving in difficult circumstances. Brainstorm some story ideas, then write a blog post discussing these ideas you think would be good for a radio program to be created by our class. Read this Austin Kleon article for some more thoughts on where to find good ideas.

Commenting: Comment, comment, and comment some more. You should all be looking at each others’ work and giving feedback. Share your best work on Twitter, and leave feedback on a few posts of others as well. That’s the main way we do class participation in this course.

Weekly Summary: Write a weekly summary of this week’s activities. The summary should refer to all of the other blog posts created throughout the week, and should discuss any online activities such as tweeting and commenting on other blogs. Be sure to also mention the Daily Creates you completed. Submit your weekly summary to canvas by next Monday evening at 11:59 pm.

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