Create a tutorial that provides detailed instructions on how to complete an assignment in the assignment bank. It can be an assignment you have already completed or one you will complete this week. It can be in video format, or written format with screenshots and photos.

Make a blog post and tag it as directed under “Help Someone Else Do this Assignment” instructions found on each assignment page. Be sure to include both the assignment tag and the tutorial tag. Below is an example, but each assignment’s tags are specific to that individual assignment.



Do 10 stars worth of Mashup/Remix assignments.

Daily Creates

Do two this week

Due 11:59 pm on Monday, December 4, 2017


Video – The Documentary

Reading movies

This week we’re moving from audio to video. We’ve been looking at related aspects – photography, sound, design – all along, but now we’re going to look at cinematic camerawork, and how it all comes together.

For starters, read Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie to get some basics of film analysis.

The following are part of Tony Zhou’s great series, Every Frame a Painting in which he analyzes details of film making. The entire series is worth watching and highly recommended, but I’m going to point out these in particular:

Joel & Ethan Coen – Shot | Reverse Shot

Memories of Murder (2003) – Ensemble Staging

Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement

In Praise of Chairs


  • Watch a documentary film about superheroes, and complete either the video essay assignment, or a written analysis of your film using what we have learned from the Reading Movies activities above. You can watch any documentary that interests you, as long as it relates in some way to the subject of superheroes. I found some interesting ones on Amazon Prime Video but you may find them anywhere you view videos. Just be sure to write an analysis of the film in video or written form.
  • Begin work on completing a Video Documentary assignment in which you will create your own short documentary film. (This one is difficult and you have two weeks to complete it). You may want to discuss ideas on how to proceed with the course instructor.
  • Do an additional six stars of video projects.
  • Daily Creates – do 2 this week.

Commenting – Keep it up! It makes the world go ’round.

Assignments are due Wednesday Nov. 8th.