10/09/17 – 10/23/17

This week and next we will be working on producing Superhero internet radio show. The show will be broadcast on the internet-based ds106radio the week after they are due. (Completed project is due by 11:59pm on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2017)

Group Radio Show Guidelines

The radio show will be a group project with all members of the class in one group. You will have two weeks to complete the project. These are the specifications:

  • All group members must contribute to the final radio show. Create a Google Document for planning and collaboration. If you invite me to be part of it, I can offer advice and input for developing your show. This is not required, however I recommend doing this because we are trying to learn how to work together as an online team.
  • The total show should be around 20 minutes long, equal at least 6-7 minutes per person in the group.
  • The show must include at least 3 ds106 radio bumpers (they can be specific to the show’s superhero theme or general bumpers for ds106radio) that are produced by group members.
  • The show must include at least 3 commercial advertisements or PSAs. The show must include bumpers to transition between program and the ads.
  • The show must relate in some way to the “Superhero” theme of the class. How you go about that is up to you. You can create works of fiction, or you could create a show based on non-fiction research you have done about the superhero genre. We are looking for creativity and original content.
  • The show can contain music, but it should follow copyright guidelines. You can create original music, use creative commons music that grants you a license to use it, or you can do a remix of popular music that only includes short excerpts.
  • Blog about your process and progress. We expect every member to blog at least once during the first week about progress; we expect every member to blog at least once during the second week about the completion of the project. These should be substantive blog posts in which you explain what progress/decisions the group had made, what individual work you’ve been doing, what tools/tech you’re using, what’s going well, what’s not working, etc.
  • Each group member needs to create at least one promotional graphic in the form of a poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. for their show segment during the first week — a little splash of design work.
  • Consider what a show should sound like. There needs to be an opening and a closing. You may need transitional elements; you may need to include sound effects. You will need to do audio production. This may include editing sections together, layering in background sounds, incorporating music, etc.

As you found out during Audio week, audio editing is time consuming. Plan to be done early and you will probably be done on time.

Summary of Deadlines and Assignments for the Next 2 Weeks

Due by 11:59pm 10/15/17 (Summarized, as usual, in a weekly post):

  1. Radio Show Progress: A blog post on your radio show process and progress.
  2. Radio Show Design Project: A blog post for your radio show poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. Write this post just like you would an assignment post — with the same amount of detail we usually expect!
  3. Commenting: Online interaction is a must-have professional skill. If you aren’t getting enough feedback on your work, it is because you aren’t giving enough feedback to others. Increase your interactions with the DS106 community by tweeting and leaving individual blog comments and questions throughout the week.
  4.  Everyone needs to do a better job of reading/commenting/questioning other students’ work. You are required to comment on at least 12 posts/tweets by other students (including those outside of KSU) this week (including Twitter tweets). You MUST link to your posts/tweet commentary in your weekly summary by linking or embedding them in the summary narrative.
  5. Audio Assignments:  Complete 10 stars. Try to do at least 5 stars that can be used in your piece or segment of the radio show (bumpers, commercials, story developkment etc.). We are assigning these stars this week so that you make progress on developing content for your shows!

Due by Midnight 10/23/17 (Summarized, as usual, in a weekly post):

  1. Completed radio show: Post it to SoundCloud. Provide a link in your summary.
  2. Radio Show Progress: Second blog post summarizing your radio show process and progress.
  3. Commenting: Repeat the commenting assignment from week 1.
  4. Daily Creates: Complete 3 TDCs this week.

Audio resources:

You can find additional audio resources in the Open Ds106 syllabus (http://ds106.us/open-course/unit-7-advanced-audio/).

If you find other helpful hints, you can share them over the next few weeks via Twitter, using the tag #ds106 and/or #ds106radio

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