This week we will focus on:

Creativity & Copyright

All work is due by midnight on Monday, 9/3/2016

Below is a list of what’s to be completed this week.

    1. How has the Internet affected society’s views on Copyright? This week, watch the documentary film Rip! A ReMix Manifesto featured below:

Also, additionally, if time permits, you should watch the short film, Everything is a Remix. Both films have a similar theme, but come from different creators. Write a reflective blog post on what you learned from the films. What is the basic point of view of the creators of these films regarding copyright? Who might hold the opposite point of view? In what ways does copyright impact creativity? What questions did the films raise as you were watching? What ideas in the films contradict what you may have previously known? This class encourages a remix approach to digital storytelling. What considerations should be made when repurposing the work of others? What are some foolproof/safe ways of doing this? What are some more risky approaches? How do you expect to proceed this semester?

  1. Read 2-3 of these articles on Copyright. Discuss on your blog.
    1. A World Without Superheroes.
    2. Photographer sues Getty Images for 1 Billion Dollars!drevil
    3. NFL Fumbles in Copyright Takedown
    4. Katy Perry’s Shark
    5. Mickey Mouse & Deadmau5
    6. 2016 Led Zepplin Suit
    7. Video Streaming depresses ownership
  2. Read Austin Kleon’s post “10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered: Lessons from my book ‘Show Your Work!’” (I have the print copy of the book if you are interested in looking at it.) Also have a quick look at his previous “Steal Like an Artist” book. In a nutshell, these books describe the both the way this course works and a value system that can benefit you throughout your professional career. After looking over these materials, pick one idea that resonated with you and write a blog post in response to that idea. Tell us about the idea and
  3. Complete at least three different Daily Create activities. Be sure to respond by posting your work to twitter with the appropriate information.
  4. Begin commenting and interacting with classmates and other online participants of DS106. You can find them by searching the #ds106 hashtag on Twitter and posting a self-introduction using the same tag. Also, you can view and click on the Current DS106 link.
  5. Summarize the week with links to all of the blog posts and a discussion of what was accomplished. Submit the link to this single summary post to KSOL.

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