Remix/Mashup – Week 12

Create a tutorial that provides detailed instructions on how to complete an assignment in the assignment bank. It can be an assignment you have already completed or one you will complete this week. It can be in video format, or written format with screenshots and photos.

Make a blog post and tag it as directed under “Help Someone Else Do this Assignment” instructions found on each assignment page. Be sure to include both the assignment tag and the tutorial tag. Below is an example, but each assignment’s tags are specific to that individual assignment.



Do 12 stars worth of Mashup/Remix assignments.

Daily Creates

Do two this week


Yes, do comments. In addition to commenting on other students doing the DS106 assignments, if you haven’t done so already, leave comments for kids participating in the Student Blogging Challenge.

Video Continued – Week 11

Back to the Future Behind the Scenes

I have always been fascinated with Hollywood filmmaking. “How did they do that?” was a question that has long been on my mind. With the Internet, and digital technologies, we can start to remove the veil of mystery from the question. What have you learned about film making in your Internet travels? I found this post with behind-the-scenes photos from famous movies.

This week, complete the “Mini Documentary” assignment. The goal is to complete an excellent video documentary about someone who has an interesting story to tell. The person should not be a close friend or family member, but it can be someone you are acquainted with.

College students of today tend to be reluctant to speak with others in person. This is a direct result of digital technology immersion. One major purpose of the video documentary is to get you out of your normal digital comfort zone. Professional people interact with other human beings in positive ways. This assignment is practice for doing that.

Another purpose of the assignment is to develop your video storytelling muscles. According to some scholars, video is a new vernacular language. Communicating with video is a new form of literacy. For background on this idea, read Elizabeth Daley’s article Expanding the Concept of Literacy. By ‘writing’ with video, you really are on the forefront of higher education. Video has traditionally been left to specific fields and majors as a communication form, but digital technology has made it accessible to nearly everyone.

Post your video to YouTube, and write a summary blog post describing the details of its creation. Be sure to use the appropriate tags and reference links to the original assignment. Give us a behind the scenes look at what you did to make your video project happen.

Additional assignments for this week:

  • Do the Comments For Kids assignment. Look at the list of student participants and choose 3-5 bloggers to leave comments for.  Be sure to follow the advice for leaving good comments. Write a post that is appropriately tagged, links back to the assignments, and tells us about the young bloggers you visited. Where were they from? What were they in to?
  • Do two or three Daily Creates this week. As usual, include these in your weekly summary.